Havana Go Go fuck yourself.

Inside the Tropicana, one of the O.G. Strip casinos maintains what the wikipedia refers to as a “Miami/South Beach” motif.

Cool, whatever. It’s less cloying than most other motifs. Big bonus for the casino floor being home to a Cuban cafe, Havana Go Go.

Sweet. I love cafe cubano and the cubano sandwich is by far the purest expression of sandwichcraft as an art form and commune with the dark powers what dwell beneath.

I was stoked, ready to go in full-bore and get a cafe cubano until I noticed this small, unassuming sign.

That’s right: “we proudly brew Starbucks coffee.”

Fuck you, Tropicana. Full stop. Wayne Newton can eat my nuts for an open-ended extended engagement.


One Response to “Havana Go Go fuck yourself.”

  1. Jenn Says:

    where is the damb like button?!

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