God’s Kitchen Billboard

See, it's a play on Hell's Kitchen, get it? There's like angels and shit!? We're so fucking clever! Give us promotions and a boat!

A platinum blonde waif in angel wings and a white corset reclines and invites you to totally chillax at God’s Kitchen yo inside the Vanity bar inside the Hard Rock Hotel Casino which apparently has yet to recover from its logo being bonked into by the plane in Con Air.

Do these ads really work on the kind of transient douchebags that visit this town for three days and then go home? Are they really so stupid to believe that OH SHIT DAMN DOGG DAT GIRL ON DA BIZZILLBIZZOARD UP THERE IS SO GODDAMNED SHITHOT DOGG, WE SHOULD TOTALLY GO TO THE VANITY OR SIN OR GOD’S KITCHEN OR WHATEVER AND FOR FUCKIN’ REAL HANG OUT WITH THOSE RUDEST OF RUDE TITTAYS? or is it that the Directors of Advertising at these resorts think that we (that is the little people on the street upon whom they look down upon disdainfully from their glistening ivory towers in the sky)  are so goddamned stupid that we’ll shuffle into their lame casino bars and pay fifteen bucks for a well martini because the cocktail waitresses wear lame little angel wing motif costumes?

I think both options are equally valid.


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