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The best part about Las Vegas.

July 12, 2010

Is leaving it behind forever.

I’ve come to the conclusion, possibly five months and thousands of dollars too late to realize that There’s No Place Like Home.

No amount of money can keep me in that awful city. Not to say the money was all that great. The money that was good wasn’t regular and the money that was regular wasn’t good.

I tap this final entry out on my phone’s soft keyboard as I sit in a dive restaurant in Tonopah, the halfway point between the freedom of the North and the baffling, stultifying, enslaving madness of the South.

I won’t miss you, Las Vegas, and I’m certain you won’t miss me. May our paths never again cross.

A random family of travelers sits at an outdoor restaurant in Tonopah while flies buzz and the sun beats and I have a hard time explaining how much nicer this is than Las Vegas.