The best part about Las Vegas.

Is leaving it behind forever.

I’ve come to the conclusion, possibly five months and thousands of dollars too late to realize that There’s No Place Like Home.

No amount of money can keep me in that awful city. Not to say the money was all that great. The money that was good wasn’t regular and the money that was regular wasn’t good.

I tap this final entry out on my phone’s soft keyboard as I sit in a dive restaurant in Tonopah, the halfway point between the freedom of the North and the baffling, stultifying, enslaving madness of the South.

I won’t miss you, Las Vegas, and I’m certain you won’t miss me. May our paths never again cross.

A random family of travelers sits at an outdoor restaurant in Tonopah while flies buzz and the sun beats and I have a hard time explaining how much nicer this is than Las Vegas.


9 Responses to “The best part about Las Vegas.”

  1. Imagica Says:

    Wow, SOMEONE is going to enjoy the food poisoning from Cisco’s Tacos… I grew up with everyone there.

  2. maria Says:

    nice blog, i totally get you. vegas sucks.

  3. Linda Says:

    Can’t agree with you more! Vegas is the whore of the United States. Been trapped here 7 years…hate it today as much as the day I arrived. Don’t have one good thing to say about this town. Best day will be the day I leave it behind!

  4. Aj Ramirez Says:

    Try living here for 17 years. -_- Yes, Vegas sucks. Even more so after 2 years (that I can remember, being here my whole life), let alone 17. -.o The only thing good about it is that there are a lot of decent acting jobs for an actress like me who has to start some where. :/ Try cape Cod. xD

  5. Charlie Says:

    Yikes. Just returned from my first trip there. A Vegas Virgin as I was called.

    This is a city that epitomizes Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Walking down the strip with my wife, holding hands – we were approached by a DOZEN dirtbags offering “hot girls to your room in 20 minutes”.

    We walked through countless casinos – I watched every person sitting at the slots. Not a single smile. Every last person looked absolutely grim.

    Maybe I’ll win THIS time….nope. Maybe THIS time…nope Maybe….

    On and on it goes. People stuffing their cash into machines that they KNOW are rigged in the favor of the house.

    I can not imagine ever setting foot in this God-forsaken city again. It was only 3 days, but it seemed like 3 days in Hell.

    Never, never, never again.

  6. thesandmanrc Says:

    I think it’s because you suck! and this is a pointless blog you dumb fuck! how can you not like titty’s and drinking beer in public?

  7. brad Says:

    Vegas Blows. Haven’t been in a decade and no interest in going back. Mean, desperate people where everyone including the casinos are trying to hustle you. Its Americas version of Tijuana. Go to Tahoe instead. Much nicer.

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